Anti-corrosion materials

ZAVOD TGI offers high-quality waterproofing TIAL for steel pipes for the pipeline corrosion protection:

1. Collars kit TIAL-M (TIAL-M80, TIAL-MGP)

2. Coupling kit TIAL-TUM

3. Repair kit TIAL-R and TIAL-3

4. Heat shrinking tape TIAL-L, TIAL-LC, TIAL-LCP

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In production of materials we use the world’s most advanced achievements in the field of polymers and their electronic and chemical radiation cross-linking. Our modern equipment and multi-level products quality control provide TIAL coating life span for at least 45 years.

  • Collars kit TIAL-M (TIAL-M80, TIAL-MGP)

    TIAL-M collars are used to isolate the welded joints of oil and gas pipelines. It consists of the following components:

    1. A two-layer collar TIAL-M has polyethylene base and hot-melt adhesive. It is made as a tape for a specific pipe diameter;
    2. Locking plate TIAL-ZP is used for fixing the tape around the insulated pipe into a solid ring;
    3. A two-component epoxy primer TIAL-P is applied to the welding zone and the edges of the polyethylene insulation.

    TIAL-M collar has several modifications:
    1. TIAL-M, with operating temperature up to 60°С
    2. TIAL-M80, with operating temperature up to 80°С
    3. TIAL-MGP collar developed jointly with Gazprom VNIIGAZ specifically for gas pipelines operated by Gazprom and its subsidiaries, and included in the Gazprom insulation register.
  • Coupling kit TIAL-TUM

    TIAL-TUM coupling kit is used for insulation of welded joints of PU foam pipelines in a polyethylene sheath.

    The kit consists of:
    1. Heat-shrinking one-piece coupling TIAL-TUM
    2. Filling compound (applicator, adhesive tape) TIAL-Z

    The coupling TIAL-TUM for polyurethane foam pipes is made of polyethylene by extrusion method and subsequent longitudinal tension in order to create the heat shrinking effect, that is to restore the original geometric dimensions when heated to a certain temperature.

    The heat-shrinking coupling for PU foam pipes is used together with a special adhesive tape TIAL-Z, which ensures high adhesion and shear strength when activated by temperature during the coupling shrinkage. It is a reliable and durable solution for insulation of PU foam joints.
  • Repair kit TIAL-R + TIAL-Z

    Repair kit TIAL-R + TIAL-Z
    The Repair kit TIAL-R + TIAL-Z is used to repair damaged factory polyethylene coating of the pipeline: reinforced insulation (RI) and highly reinforced type insulation (HRI).

    The products are used together to restore the polyethylene coating:
    1. TIAL-R is a repair patch reinforced with fiberglass
    2. TIAL-Z is a filler compound for defects
    TIAL-R repair patch is a two-layer device consisting of irradiated heavy-duty polyethylene, with reduced shrinkage properties and an adhesive layer – savilen with a reinforced fiberglass mesh embedded into it. It is resistant to shear deformation and is highly adhesive to factory polyethylene of all types. The reinforced structure protects from friction induced damage.

    Repair filler TIAL-Z is an adhesive compound based on an ethylene copolymer with a high melting point. When melted, it has a very high fluidity; thus it fills all irregularities of the surface and provides high adhesion to the steel surface, polyethylene and the repair patch TIAL-R.
  • Heat shrinking tape TIAL-L, TIAL-LC, TIAL-LCP

    Heat shrinking tape TIAL-L, TIAL-LC, TIAL-LCP
    TIAL-L tape is a heat-shrinkable tape designed for basic insulation of the main body of a steel pipe or pipeline parts either in the field or factory conditions, with an operating temperature of up to + 60 °C. TIAL-L has a two-layer structure (a polyethylene base and a hot-melt adhesive).
    The use of TIAL-L tape is also possible jointly with a two-component liquid epoxy primer, thus forming a three-layer anticorrosive protective system. TIAL-L tape is to be wound to the insulated surface in spirals with the turns overlapping.
    When heated, the base of the tape is subject to heat shrinkage; the adhesive softens and fills all the irregularities, forming a uniform coating and providing excellent adhesion and dielectric continuity of the resulting coating.

    TIAL-LC tape is a heat-shrinkable tape designed to protect the thermal-insulating layer of heating system pipes in case of an overhead installation. Thermal insulation of the pipe can be provided with shells or by polyurethane foam spraying, with mineral wool, concreting, etc., and then waterproofing is ensured with TIAL-LC tape.
    The use of TIAL-LC provides a long term and efficient protection of the pipe and the insulating layer from external impacts, such as corrosive fluids, water, sewage, UV light.
    Insulation with TIAL-LC tape is provided directly in the filed by spiral winding with its further shrinkage. The TIAL-LC tape does not lose its protective properties at temperatures from -60°C to + 60°C.

    TIAL-LCP tape is a non-combustible modification of the TIAL-LC tape. The abbreviation “P” means fire-resistant. Special agents are added to the TIAL-LCP tape to ensure its “self-extinguishing”. This material is made exclusively in silver color and is in demand at facilities located in close proximity to possible sources of ignition.

Расчет скорлупы ППУ

  • Диаметр трубы, мм
  • Толщина скорлупы ППУ, мм
  • Длина скорлупы, м
  • Количество комплектов, шт.
  • Плотность, кг/м3
  • Объем скорлуп ППУ, м3
  • Вес скорлуп ППУ, кг
  • Площадь покрывного слоя, м2

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