Thermal and hydraulic insulation kit for welded pipe joints in a polyethylene sheath using PU foam shells.

The KTS-1 insulation complex is used for underground installation of oil and gas pipelines.

Kit contents:
1) Collars set TIAL-M on the pipe ( TIAL-M, TIAL-ZP, TIAL-P)
2) PU foam shell
3) Installation kit (metal tape, A20 bracket)
4) Collars set TIAL-M on the polyethylene sheath (TIAL-M, TIAL-ZP)

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Цена от 20 000 руб

Insulation of the joints of pipelines is carried out by installation crews in route conditions. TGI factory supplies a complete set of insulation materials directly to the facility. Kits are shipped in durable moisture-proof boxes specially designed by the plant’s technologists, which allows you to store products in open areas, including in the Far North.

Installation kit

  • 1 stage TIAL-P two-component epoxy primer
  • 2 stage TIAL-M heat shrinking collar
  • 3 stage TIAL-ZP locking plate
  • 4 stage PU foam shell
  • 5 stage Installation kit (metal tape, A20 bracket)
  • 6 stage TIAL-M heat shrinking collar
  • 7 stage TIAL-ZP locking plate


Расчет скорлупы ППУ

  • Диаметр трубы, мм
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  • Толщина скорлупы ППУ, мм
  • Длина скорлупы, м
  • Количество комплектов, шт.
  • Плотность, кг/м3
  • Объем скорлуп ППУ, м3
  • Вес скорлуп ППУ, кг
  • Площадь покрывного слоя, м2

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