Pipe hangers are foam rubber cylinders with polyurethane foam inserts, covered with a PVC sheath with a self-adhesive seam. Pipe hangers are used for:

• optimal weight distribution

• protection against the so called “thermal bridge”

• increase in operational characteristics of a facility

• elimination of mechanical damage to thermal insulation

• the pipeline protection against moisture

• reduction of heat losses via mounting elements

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Pipe hangers are installed under metal clamps. Mounting the clamps on or under the insulation without using pipe hangers leads to its damage and moisture condensation due to “thermal bridges”. As a result, the insulation does not fulfill its main function, which leads to a shortened warranty period of the insulation and may bring damage not only to the insulation but also to the pipeline.

Расчет скорлупы ППУ

  • Диаметр трубы, мм
  • Толщина скорлупы ППУ, мм
  • Длина скорлупы, м
  • Количество комплектов, шт.
  • Плотность, кг/м3
  • Объем скорлуп ППУ, м3
  • Вес скорлуп ППУ, кг
  • Площадь покрывного слоя, м2

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