Foam glass shell

Foam glass shells are semi-cylinders used to insulate straight sections of all types of process pipelines.

Foam glass is an inorganic, environmentally friendly, high-strength heat-insulating material obtained from foamed glass.

Due to the exceptional properties of foam glass, shells are often used in facilities with high fire safety requirements.

Foam glass shell are usually supplied uncoated.

These products are made for pipes with a diameter from 32 to 1420 mm.

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Foam glass has many advantages: • Long service life – over 100 years • Wide range of temperature use (-260 to + 400˚С) • Flame retardant, absolutely non-combustible material • No shrinkage of the product during operation • The material is extra durable and can be used to isolate underground facilities • Products made of foam glass are absolutely safe for the environment • Foam glass is resistant to biodegradation • Steady against corrosion and is capable to protect metal surfaces from it • Has high chemical resistance to acids and can be used in facilities of the chemical, oil refining industry and for insulation of chimneys • Has low vapor and water permeability

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